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About Keka

Founded by Vijay Yalamanchilli in 2015, Keka is the leading HR tech platform in India for SMEs with 20-5000 employees. Keka was incepted with a mission to create an awesome employee experience by dumping clunky interfaces and offering easy and simple software solutions. The company started as a squad of 5 and ascended to become a stellar team of 550+. From automation of people processes to creating an engaged and driven culture, Keka has everything businesses need to build a good-to-great company. The software helps HR teams spend less time on mundane tasks and focus more on the vital assets of any organization: the people. Keka streamlines and automates payroll, recruiting, leave & attendance, performance management and more with ease. It has managed to leave an indelible mark with a reach of 6500+ customers across various sectors, including IT services, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, professional service organizations, accounting, taxation, fin-tech and others. It currently runs the payroll of 1.5M+ employees on a monthly basis. 

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Vijay Yalamanchilli, Founder – Keka

Total Employees : 550

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Mission and vision

“Imagine a workplace where employees come to work inspired, feel safe, share a common purpose with peers and leaders, do their best work, and go home fulfilled. We are on a mission to make this happen across the world.”

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Future goals

“We want to build a world-class product here in India that will cater to the global market. As we advance, R&D will be a primary area of our focus as we expand our engineering, product, and customer success teams.”

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