Asmita Patil

It’s been almost 2yrs & 4mnth for me in this corporate world
This entire duration taught me a lot of things. I was raised in ‘Mumbai’ and then suddenly I had to leave the city & shift to Bangalore followed by Pune. Traveling to different cities due to work brings out the amazing whereabouts of the cultures of the city . If I talk about my profession then the only part i like about my job is that I am a ‘Tester. I usually used to takeout mistakes of people around me & now that thing has turned into my profession as well (according to me one of the most satifsying human nature is to pull out mistakes of others ) & if u are getting paid for it then it is just way more awesome .
I really love when we are on a call with the developer to get the bugs fix live & screw them. Overall I believe that my job is enjoyable & hectic ,but its a part of my life now which cannot get apart.

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