Nabanita Chakraborty

I have seen an operation happening before my eyes… not once, but many a times. My mother, my true hero, was into the nursing. She was called up at nights frequently… whenever there were emergencies. At times my sister and I had to accompany her to operation theatres. She wasn’t able to leave us alone; we were too young then.

I lived a crazy yet amazing life. The experiences were never too good nor bad. I was raised by a single mother. I don’t have any memory of my father. My mom had got married at the age of 33 and got separated just after 3 years. After some years, he passed away. From the stories I have heard about my father, I feel that things hadn’t worked between him and my mother. He was too unavailable for my mom. We definitely had financial crunches at times but mom never compromised on happiness. She made extra efforts to keep us happy. 

Growing up in dysfunctional family, made me realise a lot of things. I mostly ended up in trying to please people all the time; I had thought that the people around must always feel good and they should not go through any kind of pain even if some of them insult me. I never stood out for myself rather thinking that my kindness was more powerful than their insults. Well, this turned out to be toxic for me… When I started my life in Bangalore to pursue my Bachelor’s degree, my friends started to take me for granted and I hated that… I hated when they insulted me and later told me that it was just a joke. I grew up thinking something was wrong with me. I was dramatic, sensitive, or too much for having kindness in me.

Unfortunately, the first relationship, that started in Bangalore, turned out to be toxic. I felt traumatized both mentally and physically. The relationship affected me so much that I had to shift from Bangalore to Pune. I started afresh as a digital marketer. I felt that I was underpaid. I constantly worked for 15-17 hours yet I wasn’t paid a lot. So I started doing freelancing in parallel. I juggled between freelancing and my regular job for a few months and later realized that this was not working out. So I got into corporate. I always wanted to buy my mom a land… a house that can be called our own. My mother had raised us in a place that somehow got into ‘Disputed Land Category’. Finally, after working for almost 22-24 months I got a flat for her. This is the biggest achievement for me till date. Today, along with my job I am trying to maintain my freelancing work to keep myself busy. 

I have certainly made a point of enjoying my life with whatever I could. With time, I have become very choosy with selecting friends, I would rather be alone and be happy and not communicate with anyone who doesn’t even understand what it takes to be a friend. Now, I have two friends in Pune and they have been through thick and thin. 

I’ve been going on small dates since I was 20. My friends never understood how I am able to watch a movie or eat lunch alone, but technically today, I am on a date with me – and they’ve been some of the best dates I’ve been on.

Total Work Experience : 3 Years ( Yashus PVT LTD, CDM Media, WNS And Allstate )

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