Subham Badaik

I was trying to avoid joining the IT company as much as I can. I wanted to pursue MBA but sometimes you don’t get things that you really want in life. I gave a lot of exams , I even got good ranks but wasn’t getting the colleges that I wanted to get. So I ended up working for an IT firm. Let’s just say that I made a compromise. I always thought that you can’t make good friends in corporate life but I saw a complete different angle to this in my life. I was blessed enough to have found friends who meant more than my life in this industry. I know these are the people on whom I can count on the most. IT industry has also taught me that how important it is to take a stand for yourself, you have to take care of yourself all by your own and there is no mercy for the people who are too dependent on others. At present I am working on a service based company, if given a chance I would definitely like to move on to a product based company. Whenever I feel low or a bit creative, I prefer writing out my feelings on a piece of paper. Writing poems or abstract makes my heart ten times lighter.
“क्षितिज की रोशनी को है पाना,
तो बाहर निकलने से ना कतराना,
एक बार निकल पड़े तो बीच में ना थम जाना।”

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