Ananya Pareek

I took the bold step to quit my job and start my passion for travelling but suddenly everything changed when pandemic hit in 2020 and all of a sudden, I was forced to question my decision.

I was a regular 9 to 5 job holding engineer in the Software Industry in Bangalore.  I consider myself lucky that with the least initial salary in hand, I was doing well with expenses as I didn’t have to send money to my parents monthly. Life was good until I started exploring nearby places with friends on weekends. Bangalore’s nearby places like Nandi Hills, Pondicherry, small vacation getaway places to Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka were enough to make my reality unstable. I was not happy even after switching jobs to earn more with a good promotion, as the zeal to follow the same pattern was left somewhere while traveling.

After realizing this passion to explore, I decided to quit this industry in December 2019. This decision was tough and very difficult to make my parents understand at first. And on top of it, a pandemic in India started in the mid of March 2020. This totally destroyed my strength to continue, but I didn’t quit.

While in my quarantine period, I was alone and started to experiment, by putting detailed descriptions of my journey to different places on Instagram feed. Slowly it paced up, and people started recognizing my posts. I captured more places and videos, and started to put more effort in collaborating with different brands and properties. This hard work paid off, and I achieved a 10K follower milestone on Instagram.

I am a very private person and don’t like to travel crowded areas, but I started to explore rare places around crowded destinations like Manali, Goa etc. It gave me the push to go beyond my comfort level and show the audience what passion means to me.

I am enjoying every bit of my work now. I am thankful that I dared to opt for the path that was less traveled and my consistency has turned the table upside down!

Total Work Experience : 3 Years (Capgemini, LTI )


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