Arpita Behera

Not that I complain working during weekend but it gets really lonely as you sit alone in your cubicle in the almost empty workspace with your work,music and coffee as your companion.
It was during one such shift,on a Saturday evening when I couldn’t bring myself to eat alone in the cafeteria and I was feeling damn hungy.I didn’t know what to do…hunger plus loneliness …not a good combo.As I peeped up from my cubicle,I saw her.She was sitting alone too.Playing with her curly hair pensively staring at her desktop.We had seen each other on the floor a couple of times but never talked or acknowledged each other.
I got up from my seat and walked towards her, hoping to avoid any awkward situation.
“Hi,I am Arpita”,I introduced myself.”It seems we are the only people in the whole floor.I am feeling super hungry but I don’t want to eat alone.Will you come with me for a quick bite,if that’s ok with you?”.I blurted out, banging my head on an imaginary wall in my imagination…It seemed like a creepy pick up line for a coffee date .I was about to apologise and walk away ,when she smiled and said,”Thank God you asked. Hi ,I am Anusha.I was also feeling hungry and didn’t feel like eating alone.” With relief sweeping over me,I bought forth my hand and she grasped it in a firm handshake.
That shift and for many more shifts to come,we had each other’s back.We became friends.Then WhatsApp friends.And finally FB friend too..Even God liked our combo and I ended up in her project ??‍
Now with states apart we are still in touch through messages hoping to catch up sometime soon.
You can find friendship even in the gloomy afternoon weekend shifts or on the competitive corporate environment that can add colors to your office hours.If you are also lucky like me then be happy and cherish that bond.Its a rare find and worth the time.

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