Jaya Sinha

He didn’t just buy my furniture but also won my heart.

Back in 2016, I had completed my studies and got placed in a company. I was trying to move out of Bhubaneswar. Hence, I had to put ads on OLX. It was not possible to carry my furniture back to Patna. It consisted of bed and mattress. It had already been one month since I posted my ad. It was then he saw my ad.

He came to my flat and checked if everything was fine. He did a thorough inspection – he sat on the bed, knocked on the wood, looked for cavities and several other things. Did he have any checklist? I am not sure, but the way he examined and confirmed, he was keen on buying it. And he agreed! I was so happy!!!

I had made a profitable deal. I had planned to hand them all to him in the next 20-25 days. Post the deal, I went back to my home and returned to Bhubaneswar in some days. One evening, while I was coming out of my gym, I saw him returning from his office. I called him out him near a chowk. And the first response from him was – “Arey yaar, when will you give me the bed!!!”. And I was like – WHAT! What kind of a guy is he, he doesn’t have the interest in talking with a girl or asking how am I doing.

After a week or more, I gave him my bed & mattress and moved to my home. I was there in my hometown for 2-3 months. During that time due to some problem with my phone, my WhatsApp was not active, and I had also forgotten about him. When I bought a new phone and installed WhatsApp on that, on the very same day I got a text from him saying stuff like – Where are you, How are you doing… For a long time, I had saved his number on my phone as ‘Bed SBI’. We started talking gradually. By then he used to be quite available as he was new into the job. We became good friends in no time. While in Delhi, I dated some 4-5 guys just casually. And I used to ask him about the guys that I was going on a date with. And from the kind of feedback, I got from him for the guys, I kind of realized he had some feelings for me. One day, he was at his friend’s place and on that night being high, he called and told me that he loves me. I asked him to tell me this when he could see a future with me. Because we were very sure that it was not possible for us as I was a Bihari and he belonged to an Odia family.

After consultation with the doctor, I came to know that I was suffering from spinal tuberculosis. Nothing was certain in my life as we didn’t know what could happen to me at that time. I had to quit my job. I realized he used to take care very much of me. He took all my medical reports and asks his friends who were doctors. In a day I used to have 8-9000 mg of medicines. I felt a sense of immense care during that time. We continued texting each other. Till that time, I thought of him as a good friend only who took good care of me. But then he planned to go to McLeod Ganj along with his few friends which also included his ex. This made me feel a little insecure. But from there also he called me and talked with me. Then one fine night, while we were talking, I proposed to him from where our proper relationship started.

Finally, I started recovering fast. After 8 months of our relationship, I was at my best friend’s marriage in Kolkata, and we decided to meet there. But due to an issue at his office, he couldn’t make it to Kolkata. So, I directly flew to Bhubaneswar and met him and then our virtual relationship became official. Then we started to meet on and off by making some excuses at home. Soumya started getting pressurized for marriage at his home after his father faced a heart attack. So on his birthday, he told his mom about me very calmly. After that, it was my turn to do my part. At my home, they were concerned about my elder brother’s marriage. I was thinking of ways to explain this to Soumya. While I was in Ahmedabad, one night after dinner, I gathered my courage and showed mom his picture asking how she found this guy. She nodded but also told me that she would talk to my dad about it. Soumya’s family was waiting for me to revert, and my mom took two months to tell my dad. And… they agreed to this!!! My family went to Puri in November 2019, where Soumya and his family came and we all met. There, our marriage was fixed.

Our marriage was scheduled to happen in June in Patna but got postponed due to Covid. We faced a lot of challenges but eventually we got married on 29th Nov 2020. Even after marriage for a few months, we stayed at different places. I was not a firm believer in a long-distance relationship but with him, I started long-distance dating in 2017 which never felt anything wrong or bad to me. I always felt close to him. Maybe I could not have realized the love being in distance, had there not been any medical issues I was struggling with. But the way he supported me, cared for me at the time when I was not able to look forward to my own life and he, proposing his love for me made all the differences and I could take a decision which I feel fortunate about.

Total Work Experience : 3 years (Accenture, ICICI Bank)


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