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“You are having sleepless night, gulping down cups of tea or coffee… you are after something you want to achieve badly and giving your 100%… but in the end you cannot pull it off! How does it feel?

After completing engineering from Jaipur, I joined an IT company and went to Bangalore for a three months training. Later I was posted to Pune and that city welcomed me with open arms. Since the beginning, I have always been keen to learn new things about technology and challenging questions. I remember, once I had come across a Challenge conducted by Google, named ” GOOGLE FOOBAR CHALLENGE”. That was conducted by Google to check problem-solving ability and logical reasoning. I used to solve those questions on a regular basis and made a strong foundation in Data structures and Algorithms. Over the period of time, it really made a difference when in 2018, I got a call from my dream company “GOOGLE” to appear for their interview. I was on cloud nine but unfortunately, I couldn’t clear the technical rounds. I felt bad but didn’t give up. I realized my mistakes and worked harder to crack them. In 2021, I again got a call from Google to appear for their interview.

This time, with much better preparation, I was confident enough to make through it. Google generally has 5 rounds and I cracked all of them! This time I was really happy as I could clear all the technical rounds and was waiting for HR to respond back after discussing with her committee. But life is not something that goes smoothly all the time. I really didn’t know what happened, but the profile I was interviewed for, demanded more expertise and experience and therefore they couldn’t take my candidature forward from there.

I felt really bad. After coming so close to something I really wanted, it just slipped off from my hands within seconds.
But I didn’t give up. You know why… because not being able to achieve, neither makes me less worthy nor it proves my capability and caliber. Due to the preparations, I had developed a strong foundation for data structure and algorithms, and therefore with a friend, I started a YouTube channel named “Algorithms Made Easy” to help people understand the concept of algorithms and problem-solving techniques.

Today if you ask me, how much I have grown, I would say… I am handling many projects together independently in my current organization and playing an important role in the growth of my team. These failures don’t break us rather I feel they make us stronger and more dedicated toward life. And believe me, after these incidents, my perception towards life changed.

So far I have learned to never let an exam or rejection decide my worth or potential. In fact, this stands true for everyone. We are worthier and more capable than we think. We just need to keep grinding for our dreams and aspirations and one day all of our struggles will get paid off and we will fly high tasting success.

Total Work Experience : 6 Years (CAPGEMINI, TSY, SPENDLABS)

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