Sital Tripathy

My boyfriend broke up with me when I was planning to get married to him. Being an Indian girl you choose your relationships very carefully and when you do, you give your heart and soul to it. That’s what happened with me. I didn’t take that breakup very well. I was already working for a big IT firm and was very good at my job but suddenly my entire world started falling apart. I was staying all alone by myself, I couldn’t tell my family or friends what I was going through mentally. I started working from home. After few weeks, I somehow gathered the courage to work from the office but again it was extremely difficult for me to focus on my work, I was in severe depression. I couldn’t take it anymore, giving some lame reason, I took break for a month from office.

From my childhood itself, I was very much into fitness, so I utilized that period by getting Yoga certification. I joined back but nothing in the office seemed right. So I decided it was high time to quit. I have always been one women army, never took a single rupee from my parents once I became independent. I had too many loans. I was planning my own wedding. I had my mom’s and my expenses to take care off and within a day I was sitting all alone in my apartment, jobless.

Luckily in the apartment I was staying, I met a yoga teacher who suggested that there is a requirement for a yoga instructor. I had a discussion with the fitness enterprise and I got few clients for the same. I thought that I was doing pretty good since my clients were gradually increasing but suddenly a bomb of demotivation landed on my face. The owner said that my intensity was not up to their standards. That was the least of the feedbacks I was expecting at that point of time in my life.

Being a very positive person, I took those feedbacks seriously and decided to get better at this and train myself for the best. I spent whatever savings and PF I had, and went to Mysore for advance course on Yoga.I didn’t stop myself to learn more on other fitness variations. I soon did certifications on Pilates, learnt many more different fitness workout. When I came back from my training, the feedbacks I received was amazing. My clients increased. I was finally in my happy space before Covid hit the world. Fitness is not like IT industry. You don’t get paid in a bulk every month. You need clients, you don’t even get paid enough for the work you do. So in lockdown I obviously lost all my clients. I was jobless for an almost 5 months.

Now since September things have started to become normal. I have regained back few clients, I am doing workshops, creating videos on my social media. Although I do want Covid to get over as soon as possible. I want things to go back to normal as they were. I am a very positive person and that’s why I know that all the struggles I have been through in my life is all because something amazing is written as my fate and I just can’t wait to explore that.

Total Work Experience : 6 Years (Oracle)

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