Sonali Mangaraj

I heard this saying since childhood that “When you want something truly, the whole world conspires in your favor”. So when I was in school I always wanted to join an IT company because I grew up watching my cousins working here and were privileged to travel to many places because of it. But now I realise that I misunderstood ” Traveling with IT” Traveling is something which I think gives me life. It’s not because I forget my problems when I travel. But I got to know about this world little bit more. Exploring new places, people who are staying there, their food, their culture by looking at those things only I feel alive. Travelling taught me that the world needs acceptance and the world can only get better when people will accept other’s lifestyles, freedom and culture. I am not a fan of IT but it is my job and every job has its pro’s and cons. I guess that is why it’s called job. I will continue my job till I can because this job is the reason I am able to travel. Ups and downs will always be there but lets just take a moment and appreciate the brighter side of it as well!

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