Sushrita Behera

I did not expect the video to go viral! And definitely didn’t expect that Yashraj Mukhate, himself will comment on it, finding the writing interesting. I have been creating content since the last year, out of my love for art and drama. There was ample time during the lockdown and I instantly got the hang of it. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning but went for it as I enjoyed doing acts.

My parents hail from Orissa, but I was born in Bangalore. I have lived in so many cities within India that I have lost count. With so much of moving and adjusting, transferring from one school to other, I made a lot of friends. In school, I always participated in a varied range of sports like basketball, kho kho and others. I was good in my studies and was always in the top 5 rankers. After school, I went ahead to do engineering in electronics. It was there, after joining the youth club that I got involved in theater. The real credit goes to my mentor who always pushed me beyond my limits. At several points, managing studies and the club had become difficult. But it wasn’t much of a problem as I was always motivated and would find one or another way round.

It has been over two years that I have been working in IT. Performing in theaters became less frequent with a full-time job. It was then social media came to my rescue. I am new to this content creating thing but I am making sure, I am learning every day. From writing content to editing them by adding the sound effects, I do everything on my own. To say the least, it’s exciting. Regarding my career, I have different plans for the future but one thing is for sure… that I am going to continue the trend.

Total Work Experience : 2 Years

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