Sourav Kumar Das

Sometime in the year 2017, I got my hands on my first DSLR. That’s when my journey as a photographer began. Since then, the love for traveling grew on me. Over these three years, I have traveled across the country and covered almost all the nooks and corners! All of this allowed me to meet a lot of people and also build my life constructively.

That was when I developed a passion for birding. With time, I aspired to become one of the top 3 birders in Odisha. I worked hard, and in this process, I went on to record more than 368 birds. That was also recorded as the highest by any individual so far, making me the top birder in Odisha. Some of these are also on the official birding website – ebird.org.

Lately, due to the pandemic, all of this has come to a standstill. However, I am glad to have my family beside me, including my extended one – the birds!

Total Work Experience : 5 Years (Deloitte USI, Infosys)

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