Amandeep Singh

“My father was the 3rd child out of 8 children to my grandparents. He was a school drop-out after the 10th standard.

We were a joint family and it needed someone who could support the house. My father always had the ability to walk upright; he didn’t step back and started learning a variety of skills to support the family. He married this amazing woman who introduced me to this world however, our lives have become complicated and started falling off. Due to unexpected situations, we had to move out of the joint family we were happily living with.

As things took a U-turn and just like any other family we started living in a rented house.

It took a while for me and my parents to accept the fact that we can never go back to the house that had all my relatives, love and laughter and it’s weirder to stay apart in the same city.

Even in those toughest times, my parents always ensured that I get all the happiness and love in this world. They never gave up. My dad has put in all his efforts and after a struggle of 12 years, we bought our own house in the same locality where I was born. My mother was no different from any other woman; she stood by my father and has become the biggest strength he could ever imagine.

Like any other parents, they were a little skeptical about me choosing science in my 11th standard. Many have come up with numerous suggestions and I became a victim who was cornered with people’s involvement who scared me saying science isn’t my cup of coffee.

I was confused but recollected how my father never gave up, no matter how wounded the situations looked like, he never stepped back from fighting until he achieved and always stood as an inspiration. I then put my heads up and was determined to learn what I wanted to.

I completed my 12th with science and took the admission in BSc Computer Science. After my successful completion from graduation and during my campus selections, I was rejected by the companies. I was not happy with the output and that put me down mentally but again my gut feeling said that there is always a brighter side of life. It was then In***** conducted recruitment and I was one among the 27 selected candidates out of 1000 who approached for the interview. I restored my confidence back and right now I am in the happiest space of life and there should be an extension to our growth as most of my family members have settled abroad and we all know how Punjabis and Canada go hand in hand. I have a dream of settling abroad and would like to become very successful and do it all by myself. Just like how my father did.”

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