Sumeet Shevkani

I remember, when I had newly become a HR, I was in a situation which I had never imagined of. The management head had provided a list of employees for layoff. In the list, there was a name which troubled me a lot. I knew that person was going to be married in a month. Seeing his name, had given me shivers. I was new and I was not used to taking tough decisions. I was almost in tears. Being a HR, I believed in understanding the work force on ground level rather than sitting 5000 feet above and working superficially. The news of getting fired could have set the hell lose on him. I spoke to the management and ensured that he continued to get salary for 2 months even after the termination. Gladly, on the 35th day, that guy received an offer letter from another company.
Many have the perception that, HR only comes into picture during the time of recruitment and during the exit process. However, I would say, the story is entirely opposite. We remain alert for the entire time, from beginning to the end. I have been in multiple companies, where the management had to decide to let go of some employees. We had to check if there was any middle way out. I have been in situations, where I have received complains from the managers for many reasons. “On what basis, this person had got recruited”, “This resource is of no good”, “He doesn’t know how to behave with seniors” – I have received many such complains, based on which termination of some were requested. But being a HR, I had to see from neutral point of view. There was a time when one of the companies, I was a part of, was terminating its employees, thankfully not as Twitter, but on small scale. We had to comply given the requirement of the organization.
Being an HR can be a thankless job, where one has to do work in the background, to maintain the order on the front. Connecting with people, understanding them and getting the things done – have always been my passion. But had never thought, tough decisions could be a part of this job. Nevertheless, this journey had started during the time when I was a 2nd year student in engineering. My interest has manifested to what I am today. I am glad that I am able to serve.
Total Work Experience : 7 Years(Infosys, Jio, Aussizz, Texecom)

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