Mahima Agarwal

It’s been 1.5 years for me in this IT industry but if they ask me to just print “Hello World” using code. I am damn sure that the output would never come without an error. Yeah, I am bad at coding and I never liked it, be it college or at my job. Though I got placed from my college campus in this very reputed MNC, I always knew that this thing is not my cup of tea. When I was in college, I started developing my interest for blogging, initially I started as a food blogger where we used to visit various cafes and restaurants in Chennai and then used to blog about it. We got an amazing response from everyone out there but soon due to my Job I had to move to Mumbai. Since I was not much into coding and technical work at my office. I started as a fashion blogger, but again a new challenge came up, Mumbai is a big city with tons of bloggers out there, so getting traffic on your own blog page becomes extremely challenging. Even though with lots of issues I am still trying very hard to work on my dreams. Soon, I will be leaving this industry and would go to pursue MBA because I always felt that marketing is something that I am more inclined to compared to any other stable job in this world. I am not scared of my future or anything because I know that one day everything will eventually fall into one place.

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