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The boAt is a consumer electronics brand established in 2016, which is an Indian company that has stocks of headphones, travel chargers, earphones, stereos, and premium rugged cables. The boAt is the outcome of the willingness of the founders to make a brand dealing with concentrated electronics and fashionable audio. The company had a motto to bring reasonable audio products to the local market. It started its journey as a seller and cable manufacturer which has now expanded its territory.     

HeadquartersNew Delhi, India
  Founders  Sameer Mehta and Aman Gupta
  Founded       –         2016
Humans of IT Companies boat Aman Gupta
boAt Co-founder Aman Gupta

 BoAt – Business and Revenue Model                   

The boAt is absorbed on certain vital market policies to create a good consumer base. The research has been applied to the products which have made them more reasonably priced, long-lasting and stylish. The primary focus is on the customer-brand affiliation which states that we consider the purchasers a member of our BoAt family. A lot of effort has been put up by the founders on the brand and it has been presented as an Indian brand by appointing celebrities and cricketers as the brand ambassadors of Boat because of the popularity of films and cricket amongst Indians. It is very common that people would be interested in buying products used by their preferred celebrities on the television channels. The advertisement has helped the company to create an amazing consumer base and grow into a billion-dollar company in India with smart-reasonable pricing and stylish looks. All of these are reasons why Boat is approximately selling four products every minute.

Boat – Growth                                                                                 

BoAt is vending at Croma outlets and it also sells products at Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, and Myntra. In attaining growth of BoAt the amazing performance of the products. According to the latest news, the Delhi-based customer electronics brand, Tagg Digital, is to be obtained by BoAt. The discussions regarding this were going on for almost two months but recently the outlines of the contract have been confirmed. Also as part of the agreement, the co-founders of the company and the Tagg Digital team would be joining boAt after the accomplishment of the deal. It has also been assured, boAt is observing IPO early next year. The company is at present looking forward to raising up to $500 Million (Rs.3500 crores) at a worth of $1.4 billion and then registering itself between March and June 2022.

Humans of IT Companies Samer Mehta Boat
boAt co-founder Sameer Mehta

Boat – Future Plans

The company has faith in that there is a universal trend of purchasing earphones alongside new smartphones. This idea is found to be a way towards success for the BoAt company. It has been found through certain reports that new relations with audio companies are being created by the chief phone makers. For example – Apple has Beats and Samsung has got Harman and JBL. The customers are being attracted by the producers with hot contracts so that earphones or headphones need not be bought separately.

Products and brands

A variety of audio-focused customer electronics including wired headphones, wireless speakers, mobile phone accessories, home audio equipment, and wireless earbuds has been designed by BoAt.

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