Adyasha Nepak

My world had come crashing down when I failed to clear the second round of interview. It was the time of placements and I insanely wanted to clear it. I was confident after clearing the first round. I had given my blood, sweat and tears as it was my first time appearing for a placement process to get myself a job.

I come from a joint family. One can easily imagine how much crowded my home can be. When I was just a child, one of my cousins bought a computer. I instantly fell in love with it. The way it worked, the usage of keyboard, mouse and all the other functionalities piqued my interest. I used to sit near the screen whenever anyone was working on it. Because of this, when I got into 8th grade, I was able to handle the system in the computer lab. Then everyone was shocked. I had become a star then.

When I was about to enter 12th grade, my passion for computers had reached zenith. I wanted to pursue IT as a subject. But giving in to suggestions from my family, I had to choose biology. Anyhow, after that, I did bachelors in science in ITM from Ravenshaw University. My 3 years of graduation was full of fun; I hardly felt pressure to learn more about programming stuff as compared to other courses. I always used to get good marks.

Finally the season of placements had arrived. We had got specialized training for placements in our college. Many companies came for hiring to our college. Among them was one particular company, on which almost teacher had their focus. During the training, all faculties pushed us to prepare for this company. “It is the best company for a fresher, if you get placed in it, consider your 3 years of graduation and the money your parents well invested” – almost everyone said that. This didn’t leave my mind for long. So I had prepared and failed. I had cleared the first round with ease. But little did I know that the second round was going to be one of the worst experiences of my life. The interviewer was unimpressed as I wasn’t able to answer his questions properly, this had demotivated me. I was accusing myself for being overconfident. I had left eating or even socializing.

Unfortunately, my losing streak continued. I couldn’t crack my second job placement drive as well. I would really like to thank my friends that stuck by my side during this time span. Finally, I was able to clear some interviews and got placed in some good MNCs. (Yayyy!) Well, failure at my first attempt had left an impression. However, as said – “whatever happens, happens for a reason”, I am really happy working in this company. I am getting to work near my hometown; I am getting a decent salary, my seniors are nice, on top of that I am working on great projects in an awesome campus. As compared to my friends, I am very satisfied here.

Apart from being an IT girl, I am book lover, foodie and a ‘Hodophile’… Hodophile is another word for a travel lover. My uncle, who is no less than a father figure, used to take me to a lot of places. Because of him, I got this zest to travel. I remember my trip to Andaman & Nicobar Islands. It was one of the best trips I ever had. I want to take trips to the unknown places, but my major goal is to take my whole family on a World Tour, especially my uncle. As I am a big foodie, with the places I have travelled and had food in, the hunger for more variety is always there. And who knows, coming from a family with writer background, I might pen down my experiences in future.

I would like to thank my mother for everything that I am today. She has been very supportive to me my whole life. She always says that this is your life, only you should be allowed to make your own life decisions, and it’s okay to make mistakes because they are nothing but a learning lesson. She has dedicated her whole life to take care of the family and I hope that I can at least build her a house for her with the money I earned.

Total Work Experience : 2 Years(Infosys)

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