Sharmistha and Subhasish

He was my senior in the project when I first came to Bhubaneswar. I hated him so much. He was one of the most rude, hostile and bossy guys I had ever met. Once he was trying to teach us something and I was imagining what it would be like to stab him with the pen on my hand. I was very sure that none of us liked each other at that point of time. Slowly and gradually, with time I realized that maybe this guy is not that bad, he was a perfectionist in his work, I was more of a happy go lucky girl. I eventually started adjusting myself but then suddenly after a few months he directly came to me and proposed in front of everyone “Will you marry me?”, I was extremely embarrassed. Why in the world would I marry someone that I don’t even like? It was a very weird situation for me. I just laughed and awkwardly ignored. But he didn’t stop. Every day or two he would come and ask me to reconsider. I got so frustrated that I decided to report him to HR but I am glad that I didn’t. His love for me seemed to be genuine so he decided to convince my mom first. Subhasish and my mom became friends on Facebook. I don’t know what magic he did to my mom, but she was very happy with him. 

He then asked me for a dinner date one day, I was a big time foodie and he knew that. But I was not very sure if I should go out with him or not? I took three days and then I agreed to go out on our first official date. I wanted to give him a chance but I didn’t know that my first date with him would go so wrong. He was a rash driver. We were in his motorcycle, I was obviously not planning to hold his shoulder, so I held the back support of the motorbike. There were speed breakers and he just drove on it with full speed. I asked him to stop the bike immediately. I got off the bike and literally shouted at him in the middle of the road “Don’t you know how to ride a bike when a girl is sitting behind you?”. That was the first time when I saw the other side of him, the guy who was rude to the people most of the time in the office made this cute face and said “I am really sorry, I have no experience in these things, this is the first time a girl has ever sat on my bike”, I felt bad for him and decided to calm myself down. We then went to a restaurant where he ordered a meal for 15 people just for me. When  I saw the items, I was so confused, I asked him “Rakshas hoon kya mai, itna kaun khayega?” . He said “I thought date mein itna khilana padta hai ladkiyon ko and you are a foodie as well”. I ate as per my appetite and he forced me to pack the rest of the items for home. On our way back to my home, suddenly his petrol got finished. That’s it, I lost all my calm. It was the worst first date ever. I asked him how can you ask someone on a date and not fill the tank on it. But he was a gentleman, he dragged his bike and walked me home. 

At night, he sent me an apology text stating that his inexperience in this field was the reason behind this ruckus we had today. He thanked me for going on a date with him.  Although I wasn’t interested in taking this thing forward, but in time I began to realize the innocence behind the workaholic person that he is. I still didn’t accept his proposal to become his girlfriend but I wanted to give him another chance.

Then one of our mutual friends acted as a huge catalyst in our relationship. He told me about how good Subhasish is and the guy is actually not that bad. He was North and I was South. We didn’t match at all. But there was one connection that kept us together and that was food. We went out on a lot of places to eat together.

It took me 4 months to understand him, his living style and his feelings for me. I eventually agreed and we started dating.  Few months back, we used to fight like crazy in the office. I don’t even remember how many times I have told my leads that I can’t stand this guy and can’t work with him. And after a few months we became a couple. 

After dating for a few years, we decided that it’s time for us to settle down. We became extremely comfortable with each other over these years. I told my parents, they agreed and we eventually tied our knots together.

Sometimes we plan our lives too much, what should be our next step? Whom should we date? But eventually it’s all destiny. Never in a million years I would have imagined that I would marry him, but I still did and right now I am the happiest and luckiest girl in the world to have found someone who loves me more than anything else in this world.

Total Work Experience: 6 Years (Infosys, Cognizant)

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