Shivangi Mishra and Dixita Pal

“Vodka Piye?” Yes! this is exactly how our friendship started. We were mapped to the same project but we barely talked to each other in the office. We had a project party once and our manager asked us that if anyone in our team drinks hard stuff? We two were the only one who were raising their hands proudly. We went to the bar counter and ordered vodka. After having 9 amazing shots we showed our true self, we danced a lot. I was very new to this industry and I needed a good friend in my life so there, that is how I met my friend for life, Dixita Pal. Over an alcohol. Slowly and gradually our friendship grew to the next level. We did everything together, from saving each other’s asses by lying to the manager to those late night conversation talking about life. She means everything to me. She listens to all my nonsense talk. She agrees to whatever I ask her to do, even if that thing involves us getting a picture clicked for which she is not even dressed up properly. Whatever I will cook, she will always appreciate it. Her priorities are also different, she makes sure that I look good for a party before she does.There was also this one time when I was extremely sick. She used to wrap up her office work and used to travel for around 40 minutes just to visit me in the hospital. We have shared so much of our secrets, our traditions, our feelings that it is so hard to let go of each other. Right now she is switching to a different company, though we live in a same flat but it’s sometimes scary to think that she won’t be around with me for 24*7. I have been blessed to have a friend like her in my life and I am so thankful to God that IT happened coz if that wouldn’t have happened then I would have never met an amazing human and friend like Meri Dixita!

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