I ran away from home with my boyfriend to get married to him. It was one of the scariest decisions I had ever taken in my entire life, but I knew that it was the right thing to do at that time. People usually appreciate Priyanka- Nick, Ranbir-Alia for the age difference but in real life, the situation is quite different. 

I was pursuing engineering that time and I had some best memories with my roommate, we would laugh, sing and do all random kinds of stuff until we were exhausted. One weekend, she introduced me to Niranjan. As he was her younger brother, I didn’t even notice his presence but he had already fallen for me. After a few months, we roomies planned a trip to Tirupati where Niranjan was pursuing his studies and he acted as a tourist guide and made sure we girls were safe and had a great time there.  By now he was awestruck by the simplicity and dedication with which I led my life and he confessed his feelings. As I was ambitious and he was 2 years younger to me I rejected his proposal. Eventually, I completed my BTech and moved to Bangalore for job search. The day I had TCS interview, I had got up early and left my phone at home to avoid disturbances during the interview. The day was amazing and due to traffic, I reached home at 9. When I checked my phone, I had 2 missed calls from my family and 47 missed calls from Niranjan. At that very moment, I fell for his concern and the feeling of being cared for was so special that I proposed to him on his upcoming birthday. And then our love story finally began unaware of the challenges ahead. After two years, I decided to share the news with my family and they took no time to reject, saying that he belonged to the other caste. I was badly beaten and scolded for choosing a guy from another community. Moreover, my family was also looking for a suitable match for me. I kept wondering “Is this justice to Niranjan’s true love? Is this the price he has to pay? And at that very moment I decided to run away. That was the most challenging day of my life. It was never easy to leave home knowing that my father would never talk to me. We were unsure of the future as we had no financial stability. But I knew somewhere the love and compassion we had for each other will surely pave its way through all our misfortunes. Also rejecting a guy just because he belongs to a different caste didn’t seem quite fair to me. So I and Niranjan went to the nearest temple and got married.  As I was yet to get my job and Niranjan was also looking to complete his MBA, we had no money. Happily one of his relatives allowed us to stay for 1 month, post which I got a job of 10k per month and we rented a small one-room for us. Niranjan went to Tirupati again to complete his MBA. Managing expenses within 10k was never easy. Within 2 years Niranjan completed his  MBA and got a job in Bangalore. We moved from an unfurnished single room to 1 BHK in a high profile society. The relatives who used to abandon us before are now saying that they always believed in our love and we are not able to resist our laughter as soon as they leave. The only lesson I want to share here is- “Have faith in love.” Good things take time. There will be days when your decision will be questioned but that’s life. You will have to experience ups and downs in everything. It’s been 12 years since we are happily married and these are probably the best days of my life. I had night shifts for 2 years due to which my lifestyle got disturbed and I have put on weight due to which I am unable to conceive even after trying for the past few years which has again given people a chance to raise fingers at our relation. 

I don’t care much about it because Niranjan still defends me and loves me just like the first day we met and the only thing that matters to me right now is “Him”.

Total Work Experience : 8 Years (HGS , High Power , Amazon)

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