Maggie Wali Didi

My father committed suicide when I was very little . My mother left me and my brother when I was in merely class seven. I started taking care of my brother by managing studies, working at two places parallely for our living . I remember there was a month in our lives where I had just survived on water but I made sure that my brother didn’t face the same situation, I tried my best to serve him . Growing up as a girl with no parents and relatives support was very difficult. I completed my education somehow after so much of struggle and tried applying to IT companies for a little more than a menial job but nothing seemed to work as I had expected. I landed as a housekeeper, I had to clean people’s houses and wash dishes. I made sure that wherever I go ,I learn something and keep people happy. I like to entertain people and their smiles and giggle has been my reward always . I still can’t save any money for myself, my brother spends all my money and doesn’t even work at any place. Few years back I fell in love with one guy and for a girl who had never received any love right from her childhood, this love that I felt after so long was extremely magical to me. But it seems that happiness is not in my fate, he has stopped caring about me after some time . The company that I am working on as a cook and the cashier is only because of him, I love him deeply but if he doesn’t respond to my love back, I might leave this place in search of an another job. I would prefer to die alone than to be with anyone else except him.

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