Amandeep Kaur Channa

“My daughter works in a well-known IT company!!!”, the line my mom could proudly say when people ask her about me. Being a bright student from childhood, expectations of my parents were always at a peak. And now I could proudly say that yes I have stood firm on all their expectations. I never thought of coming into this IT industry, but they say ‘Responsibilities are meant to teach you to face the real world’. I was the happiest person on this planet when got an offer letter from two companies (My Current Company and The Other One), and my mom was much happier than me.  Yes, I do have one regret that I couldn’t tell my dad about this little success story of mine, but I am sure he would be so happy watching her daughter coming out with bright colors. Now the confusion started when I had to choose between these two companies. I googled about the other company first and then I googled about my current company. I was madly driven by my companies Mysore Campus. None of my college friends were selected for this MNC’s Interview, so thoughts in my mind rushed “Beta, akeli aae ho, ky hoga tumhara itne bade campus mein!!!!” Still, somehow I managed the first 2 boring days of induction with all those formal stuffs. On the third day, I met this person of 4 in a group who were from the same place from were I belonged i.e. Pune. Time passed by and we made more new friends, had night outs every weekend, exploring Mysore campus, watched a movie in that big globe like thing called the multiplex, went for an outing in Mysore city, etc.Now I could definitely say that yes we also made the best memories that we cherish till today and will cherish forever!!!

Once an Infoscion, Always an Infoscion.

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