Animesh Srivastava

I joined one of the largest Service based company in India. The training phase were the best days of my life. Learning and enjoying.
But after training i got a remote small town as my location of first job. The only thing good about this place was that my meagre salary was sufficient for the cheap accommodation in the city.

As i saw my life ending by getting bored to death, i started playing company organized cricket matches, joined the gym, started swimming.

Work was unintelligent and redundant, but then i found Toastmasters- a club wherein i could enhance my speaking skills and get rid of my stage fear.
In six months time i got to Anchor the largest annual event that my company hosts -FAME.
Hearing the crowd of more than 2000 cheering and waving at me was the sight of my life. As i announced his name and came down the steps, Javed Ali was climbing up, less than a few inches away i saw how one of the greatest singers of our time looks like.
The appreciation and recognition by the HR’s organizers and my DC was something i never hoped to achieve ever.
This city became a second home to me.
I don’t know what i have hear, don’t have any words to define it, but it’s something money can never buy, no startup can give me the pleasure of being what i am today.
The pomp and glory of metro cities, their poluted air and scarcity of water, the toll on the health in exchange for extra bucks does not lure me now. I have found my peace and my people, Yes there will always be room for improvement and conquests to make.


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