Yaggesh Malviya

“You have 3 hours to save your son.” This was all that the doctor said.

Sometime back in April 2015, I had a case of food poisoning. Adding to my misery, the doctor misdiagnosed me and I would have ended up in a coma, or end up dead if proper treatment wasn’t given to me on time. Much to my luck, we discovered it. I remember it was past midnight when my dad shifted me to an ICU of another hospital and I survived.

As much as I got better and recovered, this incident caused me to lose an entire academic year. Yes, while my peers were all getting placed and landing their dream jobs, I had no choice but to wait a full year to write my exams. Instead of sitting through the year silently, I did a technical course from NIIT and tried to get a job. But, as most of you might have guessed it right, me losing a year only made things worse for me, and I couldn’t land any job. That was the first failure of my life.

As time squeezed through, I thought through things and started prepping for government jobs. But hey! Life’s a game, and the year 2019 was no less than that too. With elections coming through, the exams were canceled. That was my second pitstop on the road of failures. The third one was when the pandemic hit, and I lost my job – that too the one I had landed in the IT industry. Like most others, I also struggled and got another job. I even met someone special there. She and I got along really well, and everything was velvet smooth. But overnight, I don’t know what happened, and she blocked me. Our (beautiful) story had randomly ended – it being failure number four.

I feel like every single time I get passionate or fall in love with something, it gets away from me, almost snatched! In the end, I’ve learned that no matter what, life will surprise us. All we need to do is be prepared for it, all!

Total Work Experience : 2 Years (Praadis Technologies, Bhuvi IT Solutions)

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