Aurish Garg

I’m working in one of the IT companies. Actually we engineers can never be satisfied. The way we aim to build our career from the beginning of college days till the time we get job,this is what we call a transformation. Studying just before a week /day (only Legends can do this ) from exam to doing a job that too in IT sector (where most of the task is done through ctrl+C and ctrl+V) is a big achievement for the engineers because we engineers are expert in copying and pasting right from our college days (assignments copy krna ). After being a part of an IT company what I felt is “Jo bnnde ne kabi college days mei coding nhi kri.. Aaj Wo bnnda bhi efficient coding kr ra hai “. IT company will make you learn to survive in the organization after getting just getting out from the college. The best thing what I being an engineer is “Ek engineer sabb kucch kr skta”. Combination of Tea and sutta is always liked by an engineer even after getting into an IT company.
PS: I don’t drink and smoke (#exception)
At the end I must say that learning and implementing new technologies is the key to success in IT sector.

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