So I enrolled in an engineering college due to peer pressure. Everyone was going that way and I followed the rest like a clueless sheep. I don’t blame myself for that, the age is such but I am really thankful that my parents never forced engineering on me like majority of parents. So engineering happened and to be really honest I am really blurry about the first 2 years. Last year I joined a company and interned for one whole year. Getting a taste of IT and being able to work on different things was something that was an instant adrenaline rush. I worked for an year and then joined the pioneer of IT industry.
This company as a brand is overwhelming and till date I consider it to be the best thing that has happened to me. It not just taught me the very art of coding, which our education system couldn’t , but taught me how to work with values and ethics. When I do a comparison between a start-up and this MNC, the difference is glaring.So this instance is one during our Mysore training

First day, I met this amazing girl, Shivangi. Hardworking, dedicated and focused. So it was our OOPS assessment in which majority of the class failed. Everyone was dejected but the art of overcoming a setback was mastered by Ms. Shivangi. I particularly remember that before our re-assessment she was the person who had gone through the entire course 12 times. She was the one who helped not only me but the majority of class in clearing our concepts.
I strongly feel the IT industry is actually running on the 20% such people who are dedicated about what they do. I dedicate my 2 years stint at Infosys to Shivangi. As of today I am pursuing my MBA( another cliche ) but this time I am the one who has come with a goal and not followed the herd.

To all the IT aspirants my message remains be focused and passionate. IT is redundant but is rewarding. IT is dynamic but that’s they way of life, Only Change Is Constant

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