Bijaylaxmi sahoo

“She is my photocopy” – it was the year 2012. It was the first day of my college. I was

mesmerized by the huge buildings and infrastructure. And then I got shocked… there was a girl who looked exactly like me! From that very instance I had called her my photocopy. Silly me.

I am a chatter box. I am kind of a person who always keeps talking and interacting with people. But for first time in my life, when I met my photocopy, she said -“Shut up and listen to me”. From there on, she hadn’t even stopped for a second that entire day!

The start of my college was not good. Just like many others I had an experience of ragging by college seniors. Some of my seniors called me into the room and asked me to sing a song. After that they asked what did I like to do. I replied – “Dance”. They was a roar of laughter. Everyone laughed because I was a fat girl. “How can a fat girl dance?!! I took it as a challenge and danced to a bhajan. They had chosen that. Then I delivered a surprise. After my performance, all of them applauded. Well that was a consolation but it didn’t last for long. It was the same day, at 2 am in the night, my roommate kept asking me over and over to entertain a senior by dancing before her. I took it up seriously. Then I was crazy. After the whole performance I said – “Ok now give me chocolate” And from that day onwards, my seniors never ragged me and treated me good. Thankfully my first day ended on a good note. But even then, how can one be sure that everything will go on well as expected?

It was 12th November 2014. I was in a group of 9. There was one girl who used to beat everybody like hell. That day, as soon as she hit me, I stood up and chased her to beat her back. Unfortunately, it ended into something really bad. I slipped in the midway. ‘TAK TAK TAK’ – my right leg got twisted three times. The pain was unbearable. I went to the doctor “Due to your heavyweight you can’t dance anymore” – I can recall him saying. Trust me, this was hurting but something more heart breaking happened the very next day. On 13th November 2014 my grandfather died. At first, I was not very sad for him because since my childhood he had always been demotivating me. He used to say -“She won’t succeed; she would never succeed!”. But when I delivered my first performance in a stage show, he had said -“Look! She is my granddaughter. I am proud of her!” When I saw his dead body, I cried like hell. It was like, for him only, that day, I reached this stage of success. “How the person who had always insulted me and never motivated me, can leave without seeing me succeed!” The irony of fate can never be altered.

Back in 2013, I had a chance to audition for India’s Got Talent. But, when I asked my family, all of them declined, cold bloodedly. Then, I lied to my parents, lied to my college authorities, and went for an audition. Somehow, thanks to my bad luck, on the same my uncle and aunt came to my hostel and discovered my absence. I received calls after calls but I kept holding on to my decision. However, they managed to influence my dance partner not perform and as a couple, we got rejected. When I returned, my grandfather’s exact words were -“Nach sikhke kya karogi? Bar pe nachogi! Jab shaadi ho jayegi, tab pati se puchke, sasural se puchke nach lena” Somehow I got selected for the 2nd round as a solo dancer but then my parents took away my phone, house arrested me. I couldn’t receive the notification for 2nd round audition on time.

I have not stopped dreaming. I keep fighting, and succeed. I am performing in my organization’s dance shows. I am learning how to belly dance to get a diploma in it and also Kathak! I kept seeing hurdles but they were never able to stop me to achieve my success and putting in my best efforts to everyone who had said that I could never be able to do anything in my life!

Total Work Experience : 4 Years (Infosys)

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