Sushma Kumari

Glamor and glamorous world was something that i always adore and wanted to be a part of. But being from a middle class family that too from village, it was quite difficult to pursue my dreams.

Trust me, I never had any interest in studies because I always found myself attracted towards modelling and always dreamt to be a super model but this became a laughter for all and a crime for me and the result was, I had to leave my dreams behind. Because I come from a place where people don’t even bother to teach their girl child, forget about full filling the dreams you are not even allowed to dream for such things.

Somehow i completed my masters degree and landed up at this big MNC, a place where i never wanted to be. IT sector has never been my cup of tea. I have been working here since last 3yrs but life did taught me one thing ….Do what you love but also love what you do.

Giving my full effort in what I am doing right now. But I can feel my dream still breathing inside me….and I won’t let it die. I will do anything or everything I can do to make my dream true. I know it is going to take hell lot of time, hell lot of hard work, par kehte hai na aasani se koi chiz mil jaye uska alag hi maaja hai

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