Darpan Chourasiya

When our mother went into a coma, my sister, who was in the eighth grade, had to stop her studies to take care of the household duties. I was in sixth grade at the time. Even though our mother eventually recovered, it was too late for my sister to start back at school. My father soon received a heart disease diagnosis and was placed on bed rest. He was the only breadwinner in our family, so when he wasn’t around, my sister started working in a store.
My father passed away in 2017, and we were devastated. He was a driver, and after he left, everyone told me that it was my fate to be a driver, so I should quit engineering, but this never bothered me. I was in my second year of engineering at the time, and in order to support my family, I began to teach coaching classes while my sister continued to work at the shop. After a long time, I got a job, and we found a ray of hope, but it felt like we were haunted by darkness again, and this time it was COVID. I lost my job, and both my mother and I were COVID positive, but she was in critical condition.
I recall those impulsive days when we tried everything to save her but were helpless, and when she left us, we were not even allowed to see or touch her for one last time. In this selfish world, we are alone. Every relative we had turned their back on us the moment our parents left us. We had no money left, were hopeless, and had no reason to live. But we gathered our strength and pushed ourselves forward.
But I couldn’t accept the truth and couldn’t focus entirely, so I was constantly humiliated by my manager. I recall days when we both came home so exhausted that we fell asleep without eating. We’re both tired of life and don’t want to work anymore, but as the older sister, she always believed in me and supported me when I quit my job to pursue a career in IT. It was so difficult as I was from a non-IT background, but the thoughts of my parents and sister motivated me.
Time was so difficult for us, but I believe our parents were watching out for us. One day, through a recommendation, we received a marriage proposal for my sister, and the family was so nice that we agreed to marry. Along with my studies, I managed all of the wedding rituals; it was a strange feeling because she reminded me of my parents, and it was difficult to let her go. At the same time, I was happy for her and proud to be the brother of such a strong girl who faced life’s challenges when she was supposed to be enjoying her life.
And today, I work in the IT sector, and my sister is happily married, but they both left us with a void in our hearts that will never be filled, no matter how hard we try, I know that life will never be the same again. I believe life was never fair to us; perhaps we were too young to face such situations, but no one can challenge God’s will, and sometimes when I look up at the sky, I see my stars giving us strength and watching over us.
Total Work Experience : 3 Years (Force Motors Limited, Moira Sariya, Capgemini)

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