Akshay Kumar

I don’t have a very high profile story. I was raised in a very small town of Bihar. I never wanted to become an IT professional but I do wanted to become a professor. From childhood itself I used to love Mathematics. English wasn’t one of my strongest subject but I always excelled in Maths. But sometimes in life you have to take the decision from your mind rather than your heart. If I would have gone to the professor line, it would have taken me extremely long to get to where I want. I was left with no other option because I needed to start earning as soon as possible. So I had to go with engineering. I was extremely introvert since my childhood but I was given an opportunity to be more vocal during my corporate training period. It’s been only 6 months in this IT Industry but I think one of the major advantage of being in this industry is that you will be given an ample of opportunity to explore, to make sure that you speak. They try to extract every little piece of shyness that is hidden inside you. Right now it’s too early for me to predict my future. I don’t know where the life will take me but wherever it will I know that I will definitely be in a happy place.

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