Deepika Prakash

The stage has always been my first love. Being on stage has always made me a happier and better version of myself.
But wait, last time I checked, I was working for an IT company spending most of my time in a packed cubicle sitting in front of a computer screen. Then what about the passion of being on stage?
Well, it is said that If you really want to do something , you’ll take out time for it, you will pave your path, no matter what! And that’s exactly what I believe in. I’ve always been hyperactive, and that’s what I did at office as well. Grabbed every opportunity to be on stage, participated, hosted and made the most out of what I had. And that is the main reason which kept me going. Else, I would’ve been forced to make up my mind and do something I’ve never done- Quit!
Life doesn’t always give you situations that are favorable and desirable, but if you stick to your passions and ideals, no matter where you go or what you do, then life definitely becomes easier and way more fun to live!

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