Vishal Meghani

Coding – headache for so many and passion for so many. So for me it’s is the second case. I was always fascinated about coding and this is the reason I joined IT industry. After getting so many appreciations during colored tag days as well as after getting into production motivated me in many ways. In IT ups and downs will always be there. But then I remind myself about the appreciations that I have I got. Not only in IT but anywhere in the world people need to appreciate others as the world needs it. Sometimes it helps in reducing the stress which we got because of the deadline. After joining IT i am getting more attracted to all kind of adventurous things. I want to take all the risks in life so that i will not regret it when I will grow old. And travelling becomes a part of your life when you join IT. Life is still going good with lots of ups and downs and sharing all these moments with the handful of friends that i have. Sharing my story is a tough job for me. Thank you to this pagal @mangarjsonali for helping me in this.

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