Hina Azad

I was the tallest girl in my family. My sisters would often say that I’d be great as a model. So, after completing High School, I thought of exploring this path. My father supported my ambitions, but my mother wanted me to become a graduate first, get independent and then chase my dreams. Thinking about it now, she was right. Modelling in 2010 was not that huge as it is now.

Soon I got into a college, completed my graduation with distinction and bagged a job through college placement. I did what an ideal kid would do for her parents’ happiness, but the flame that once burned to become a model hadn’t died. I started grooming myself, worked on my personality, physique and even the way I spoke. I also wanted to overcome stage fright, so I participated in debate competitions, hosted events and also became a volunteer in SPIC MACAY club which promoted Indian culture globally. The dream of becoming Miss India acted as a driving force and with my mentor Ritika on the side, I was ready to conquer the world.

But what’s life without ups and downs? My joining day in Infosys was the same as my Miss India’s audition. What could I have possibly done? Like every other parents, my parents also wanted me to take up the job and start living my life independently. But deep down I was drowning in sorrow. All the time, the efforts that I put in, just for this has been washed off. I was now just another trainee in Infosys Mysore Campus. I was so shaken by these events that I wasn’t able to clear the assessment after multiple attempts and could have be thrown out, if I had continued the same. At one point I even thought of quitting Infosys but something inside stopped me from doing so.

In 2016, Auditions were held for Miss Glam India in Bangalore and I got selected for the main pageant. But history repeated again. I was asked to join Pune DC, the same day the pageant was being held. I knew that office would not allow my leave for 7 days, but as a last resort I contacted my allocated manager in Pune. 7 days later I was the second runners-up and Miss Congeniality of the Miss Glam India 2016 by Aileena Catherine Amon. Recollecting that day still gives me Goosebumps.

The same year I was competing for Miss Diva. In the question answer round I was asked, “How are People different?” I answered “That is absolutely an outlook based question because we are very similar in our values and virtues, on the grounds of humanity we are all alike but if we see we are facially different and the way we make our choices makes us standout. So we are similar yet we are all different individuals” I was rejected.

When I met with the organizer for feedback, she replied that my answer was too perfect and prepared. The same thing happened with Miss India, but this time I wasn’t upset but enraged.

It seemed like I was stuck in a ‘for’ loop. It happened eight times, eight times with me trying and failing because ‘I was too Perfect !’ Maybe as a pageant participant, I was failing but on a personal level I was growing. I was growing as a daughter, as an IT engineer working in Infosys, as a teacher teaching kids as a CSR activity and more importantly as a responsible human being.

“Nana korobi, ya oki”, which means fall down 7, stand up 8, I never gave up hope on my dreams. I tried again and again, and finally in 2017, I was crowned the winner of Gladrags Megamodel Mumbai 2017. I have had a fair shares of failures till now, and I will have more in future but as of today I hold two titles and an appetite for more. I’ve been making short films now, two of which were released. I also worked as an Assistant Director for a video song.

My life has taught me to grow and never give up. I have realized with time that my dreams are my wings and I am meant to fly above the clouds.

Total Work Experience : 5 Years(Infosys)

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