Priyanka Mohapatra

I always dreamt of becoming an air hostess. After completing my 12th I tried my best to convince my parents to allow me to fulfill my dreams. But it seemed like everything was going down in vain. During that time, engineering was something that was very popular. If someone is an engineer from the family. The whole family would be very proud of it. Since I was left with no other option. I was asked to do engineering. I did, but I had no desire or motivation to do anything on it. Deep down I always felt like I wanted to be an air hostess. I got a job at this big MNC and everything was going very normal. I used to wake up, work in this IT company and then come back home. The work was tiring but I started earning on my own so I was pretty OK with it. But in life when things used to go really good there’s something or the other that triggers your inner soul. Since I was very casual with my approach towards life and career, someone pointed it out that it was very difficult for that person to be friends with me because I had no ambitions. That breaking up of friendship took a toll on me. I started asking questions to myself. It was then when I decided to do something about my career. I wanted to prove that person that even I have goals, even I have ambitions. At present, I don’t find any growth at my job so I am planning to do my higher studies. I don’t know where my life will take me this time but I know this time it will be me who will write be writing my fate.

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