Jatin Sachan

“As I completed my 10th boards, my father gifted me a PC. After spending one month with my system, I had decided that whatever I do in my life, I will be doing that with a computer. I started playing games and eventually got addicted to Mortal Combat 5 with friends. I alongwith my friends started a YouTube channel that got 1k subscribers in no time. This was a pre-Jio era, when data was as costly as today’s petrol. From MC5, I moved to Paladins game. With this, I got a chance to play at Intercontinental Games Championship in Goa in 2018. There, we were the first runner-up. Being teenagers, we were elated with our achievement. From then on I kept myself engrossed with computer games. 

My elder brother was a DJ, he used to remix songs. Once he needed someone to edit his videos. I stepped in to give it a try and later he asked me to try out my hands at video editing. He could have hired anyone but he couldn’t order around other artists as he could do to his younger one. I learned video editing all by myself with the help of Internet. Along with his videos, I started taking other projects too. I started freelancing.

Meanwhile, I had completed my 12th but with low grades. I couldn’t get into any decent engineering college. I ended up doing B.A in literature that too from open university without any actual college experience. I used to stay at home all day long glued to the computer. It was the pre COVID phase. My brother went to college to study MCA. Now and then, relatives & neighbors started asking me, “Beta aap kya karte ho, kya padh rahe ho?”

I could never give any satisfactory answer to that. I started looking for a job, but just then covid had hit the world. People were getting bored at home and had started to consume more content on YouTube. This turned out to be a boon for me, I got several video editing projects with which I started making decent money. Time flew by and it was 2021. Once again, I ended up with no serious work. This time I was lucky and got a job within a month. I got placed at Appventurez, Noida which is an based app developing company. I was to work in the marketing design team.

I didn’t have any formal degree for my job but I had the skillset which they were looking for. This is why I believe; this decade is for skilled people who love doing what they do, not only for the people who have degrees.

 It looks like a happy ending but it is not, I’m just 22 and this is just the starting. I have to keep going, struggle hard to make a name but with my skill which is my passion as well, I have started to develop self confidence and I believe nothing is impossible if you give a try at it with your whole heart!

Total Work Experience : 1 Year (Appventurez Movie Tech )[Freelanced Youtuber For 2 Years]

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