Chirangi Singh Rajawat

Not everyone has a kickass story. Most of us are lucky enough to have never faced with extreme life problems and that’s what makes my story a lot relatable to majority of the folks out there.

I am Chirangi and I like my name a lot. Basically, Chirangi is derived from the word ‘Chirag’ which means source of light- something which illuminate others in darkness. When I completed my schooling, I was very immature at that time. I immediately went to the coaching hub of India, Kota. Who knew that this city would somewhat play an important role in my life. I had never lived away from my parents, but with an aim to make it into IIT, I had to leave. I stayed in a hostel with strangers, who later became friends. I couldn’t make it into IIT, but rather than breaking me, that experience taught me a lot. I became more responsible, and I learned how to adjust in any environment.

‘Failure’ is the most important thing in your life. I truly believe that if one hasn’t experienced failure in their life, haven’t gotten knocked down at some point of time, then it will be very challenging for them to succeed in the later stages of life! For it’s always about learning from failures, doing things again and again with more preparation, till you reach the top of the ladder.

When it was time to select a branch in engineering, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to go for branches which are not so common for girls. My brother being an electrical engineer and my father, a civil engineer suggested me to go with IT. Since I had no idea back then, I went ahead with it and today I am very happy that I made that decision. By the end of the final year I had offers from 2 MNCs but I went for the company that I am working with right now. I was interested in management and coding, which was exactly what was provided by this organization. My work now is more client oriented, with a little bit of coding on the side.

My parents have been very supportive of me since the beginning. My mom has always motivated me to do anything & everything that I wanted to do, and she always says “If you are not comfortable in anything then you should leave it immediately but at least give it a try”. With their support, I have discovered and tried out a lot of things in my life. I have learned classical dance forms like Odissi and Bharatanatyam. I’m a singer and a painter as well. I was always a bright child in my school. If there is an activity in my school, my name was on the list for sure. In my college life as well, I was involved in many things. Right now, I do not have a full-fledged plan. But in future I plan to have a clothing brand with my name. I want to design clothes and have a showroom. Recently I have designed some of my own clothes as well.

When I look back at my journey till date, it’s not extraordinary or something that may awe the people. I am a very simple girl, full of life. I want to enjoy my life to the core. I live in uncertainty and I am not sure what will be my next step. But whatever my future holds, I am sure that I will be illuminating the darkness because that’s what Chirangi has always been and will always be.

Total Work Experience :10 months (Cerner)

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