Kaustubh Dixit

Didn’t know that the IT industry that I had imagined in my dreams and the one in the real life would be so different. Both work and life wise. Since childhood itself, IT was portrayed to me as a thing which you do solely for money. I always thought that there were certain set of rules, for example, you need to wear formals, everyone has a purely professional relationship with each other, we need to code high-end modules and design software etc.

But it’s nothing like that. The reality hit me during my training, I actually felt alive for the very first time, It was totally an amazing experience for me. I felt that I had wings and was free to fly. Even though I didn’t get my preferred location after my training, there was a lot to look forward to. A new city to explore, a new culture to get acquainted to, meeting new people and what not.

All the things were pretty new to me. With my wings of freedom, I decided to explore and get more involved with this new world. I enrolled myself into Music club, Toastmasters Club, Fashion clubs and many more. There were times, weeks per se when I was so involved with extra-curricular activities that I hardly worked for even an hour in my cubicle. I am also a passionate singer. When I tell people about this, they are like ,”Yeah, Thoda bahut gaa leta hoga aur kya” ,but when I start my classical “Taan”, the expressions on their faces is worth enjoying. I have sung in multiple high profile corporate events. From cooking to making friends or being benched, I have learned a lot about life because of this industry. Although there are many perks of being in an IT industry, I won’t say that I am totally happy. Right now, I am one exam away from being a graduate in Indian Classical Singing. I believe that I have a lot of potential and the world has a huge lot of novelty to offer.

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