Maggie Wale Bhaiya

I could have never imagined that some parents could do so bad to their child that the scars would remain in their heart for the entire life. I was born in to a very small place in West Bengal. My childhood was not at all normal. It was filled with struggle. The environment in my house was so bad that only I know how I completed my 10th boards. With little money on my hand I somehow did my graduation in Bengali honors. I wanted to pursue MA but my father went sick so I started taking care of our tea snacks shop. It was then when the real problems started, I feel like it’s not my place to speak, in what extreme my parents did wrong to me because even if I speak anything against them the whole world will blame me for being a bad kid who is trying to humiliate his parents. But the things went in such a downfall that I was left with literally no money. I was married and I had a child who was just one month old at that time. I literally had no clothes to wear. The only thing that I possesed at that time was one tshirt and a pant. Then one of my relatives helped me in getting a job at Wow Momos. I worked there for few years and the money was somewhat enough to feed my family of three. But with time the advances started to increase. I don’t want to give the same lifestyle that I had to my children. I got to know about this contractor who put me in this huge IT Company as a cook. I now serve maggie in the company, people call me maggie wale bhaiya. I feel bad that I have to live so far away from my family just because of the money. I still wish that I could do something different in my life, I can go in teaching or maybe something else but the inner motivation, the inspiration, everything is just lost.

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