Sradhanjali Dasgupta

I am glad that, nowadays, the schools have counselors… and it is mandatory. During my school days, I had to struggle with my orientation.

From Class 8, I had got attracted to guys and girls alike. By the time I was in class 12th I thought there was some fault. It accounted to my depression for a years. I had breakdown many a times. When I was in 1st year of graduation, I met Dr. Tripathi and then, I got to know that I was pansexual! I consulted a few doctors like Dr. Sharmistha Chakraborty. In fact, I also did an internship under her guidance.

For some time I worked in an organization. Since I am pansexual, after working for 3 months in that organization, they asked me to leave. Last year my parents got to know about my orientation. They had a negative perception of this and did not support it. Thankfully there were LGBTQ communities who provided support. SAPPHO Organisation from Kolkata is one such that supported me. After that, my mom created profiles on matrimonial sites out of panic. My parents could not accept that I am pansexual. When the story of my depression got published in News Mania, my relatives criticized me. Many of my friends tried to discourage me. But I was deterministic and knew how to stand for my goals. It took some time for everything to come back to normal.

And yes… I am in relationship with a non binary, androgynous transman… my love life started with a sweet accident. He came to me as a client to take therapy. He had tried to commit suicide. He had also went to Facebook live because his girlfriend had broken up with him. During the session, I felt a soft corner him. On the second day I mailed- “Are you comfortable in coming into a relationship with me?” It took him 2 to 3 days to decide. I got my answer in the third session… he said that he loved me when he visited me for the 3rd time.

Today, I write articles on feminism and pure humanities in News mania, Bonobology, and many more. Someday I collab with Youtube channels for healthy discussions and speak as a counselor in many institutes for focusing on the mental health field. I teach psychology to students from classes 11th, 12th, graduation and masters. Apart from this, I also teach history, geography apart from science subjects up to class 10th. I am presently working not only with corporates as a mental health counselor but also with hospitals and clinics.

I have a wish… I want to open my own clinic ‘Wandering Minds’ and get married to my boyfriend. And I am making efforts to manifest them.

Total Work Experience : 4 Years (TCS)

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