Subhobrata Bhattacharya

After my school got over, it was a time for conflict between me and my father about the graduation stream, you know, a common thing in India.
I was writing a lot then, I used to read books, get my ideas from them and would pen that down in my diary. I was sure that I could make use of my passion and that’s why I wanted to take English as my graduation subject. But finally I had to quit my dreams, locked them up and take computers. During the 3 years of my graduation, I hardly wrote anything, and ripped off every pages of my copy.
It was 2017, when I got placed in Infosys. Everyone was happy, except me. I was skeptic about the IT life, I didn’t want to do a regular 9-5 job, rather wanted to explore. I confronted my father and said I want to do a degree in English from Correspondence and then go to FTII. You can imagine the situation of my house then. I told I wanted to write and write more. But again, I lost. I couldn’t fight my father who did everything for me, just for my happiness.
The reason human survive an Ice Age and change in vegetation is only because of adaptation. Being a Homo Sapiens myself, I took up that instinct for my survival in a completely new world. Before leaving for Mysore, I didn’t forget to keep my copy without me and promised myself, I’ll write again, while doing a 9-5 job. And lemme tell you something, SRK was damn right. ‘Jab tum kisi chiz ko shiddat se chaho to puri kaynat tmhe use milane mein jut jaati hai’. Mysore was beautiful, magnificent. I was awestruck and got every motivation I needed to start writing again. We used to have tremendous fun which also got us in problems with security persons. But those 4 months taught me to live my life again.
Then I got posted in Bhubaneswar and initial phase was again a challenge for me, but adaptation theory saved me. It was January 2019, and I was listening to a lot of hip-hop artists. But never thought that I could write a rap. I used to watch a lot of artists and then Gully Boy was released. I watched 8 Miles before, but Gully Boy was about India. I got hugely motivated and tried to write rap. I finally was able to come up with some verses. I knew, this is it. I can tell my stories through this. I could write about social issues and voice my thinking. Rap enabled my instincts. Finally after MTV Hustle, I dared to Rap on my own. I failed miserably. But I am still trying hard and got some friends around me to support me.
Interviewer – “What about the office life? “
“You know 9-6 is not that bad. I realized that after I met some people having same extra curricular passion and still following their passion after job. Also I understood that routine, teamwork is important. Two and a half years now in IT and when I look back to the things that scared me, I am much happy now”.
Total Work Experience : 2.5 Years(Infosys)
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