Mohit Verma

Born in Bhopal , graduated in CS from Gwalior and moved to Pune after placement. Seems ordinary right? But this journey was not smooth, rather a uniquely thrilling one.

After my 10th, I started preparing for competitive exams. I was very distracted as all teenagers are, but I paid it by scoring 299/500 i.e., 1 mark less for 60%. Due to my score, I was not selected in most of the colleges I applied for graduation, so I had to enroll at a local college in Gwalior.

During the final year of my Engg., I was upset as my friends were attending campus placements and getting placed in good companies, and I was not even eligible to attend the interviews. An eligible 6.8 CGPA didn’t do much against 59.8 per cent in my 12th, all people say “marks are just digits, they doesn’t matter, however, my personal experience says marks are the ticket to your theatre of corporate dream, difference is some get first class ticket, some second, and others are like me, not even eligible to enter”


There was an off-campus drive in 1 of the local colleges and a company named Bitwise from Pune arrived looking for recruits, The 1st round was an online computer test. We patiently waited for the test to start but then heard Bitwise HR yelling at the lab assistant bcz the software for conducting the test won’t start. I realized that there were specific instructions to start it and informed them that I can do it. HR asked me to volunteer for help. After that, I cleared the two rounds, For the 3rd round, I had to travel to Indore, I was not under any pressure and went there with relaxed mind, knowing that only 7 people were selected from GWL, I was confident that they will shortlist me for sure, however, there I saw 200 odd people preparing for interview made nervous, and I was heading towards washroom to clear my mind, The same HR, whom I helped with software, recognised and asked me if I was feeling nervous. I was, but I said ,no way..i am up for it, casually he then offered to schedule the interview right away, which I had to agree owing to my image of being confident guy in front of HR. I got anxious because I wasn’t prepared, and was having all the -ve thoughts.

It was a telephonic round as the recruiter was from Pune, after which HR confirmed that I was hired, It was a “cloud 9 “moment for me. All the challenging times of past years scrolled like pages in front of my eyes. I realized that I was the only guy selected from GWL and if you remember the chaos that I resolved in the Off campus back during the computer test scene, I was now damn sure they have come to GWL only for me. Since it felt special to me .


I joined Bitwise and things changed rapidly. While others had a mature mindset, I was straight from college. I adapted to the environment, but the first few months were challenging. I knew I must stand out and work hard on my tech skills, as there was a lot of competition in the team, and as you guys know, in IT, only performance can save you. Soon I made very good connections there both onsite-and offsite, with my easy going attitude and fast learning skills, I was soon SME of the products and use to handle client calls, I use to delegate my tasks to reduce my dependency, which also allowed me breathing space to learn new things,I feel, if you have to move on, create your replacement. I was very known figure in my project, due to both my tech and soft skills. I left bitwise a year ago, few peeps are still connected , they’re no more colleagues, I call them “my Pune family”

Total Work Experience : 4.5 Years (Bitwise Solutions , IBM , Vodafone)

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