Praveen Kumar Narvaneni

I was not like most of my friends, I was an introvert and less talkative even with friends, “Competition” was so injected into my brain by this society (teachers and parents inclusive). I was like be the first or be the best – ace every test you face – continued throughout the academics. Apart from facing many challenges with little or no socialization, I continued to be the same. Things were different during my B tech, I was not too passionate about Computers Science. During the first three semesters, I was the same like fully focused on academics, I was the first to get a 9.2 CGPA in college for the first semester. Somehow I had started developing an interest in my subject, programming along wise, With the Help of My friend Sirisha, upon her request I had joined college Mission R& D. Upon my enthusiasm, I had started exploring and moved much into programming and problem-solving. At the end of my fourth semester, I am confident enough to call myself Computer Science Engineer. I should talk about a period that I consider one of the Most valuable phases of My life, which happened during the 6th Semester. I call it a pitfall in a magic hole, that had shown me a different variation of the world around me, flipped my thoughts, behavior and so did a personality change. It all started with the summer R&D camp. It’s a perfect example where we learn the most valuable lessons, but we were not intended to learn those. Upon clearing the exams conducted by Mission R &D team, I had got shortlisted for summer Camp. There I had started seeing better coders some were like me, some are much faster, some were much deeper, with competitiveness I had spent the first 3 nights in the camp before the laptop, there we were asked to solve the tasks with very strict deadlines. With a lack of good health and continuous work, I have started developing a headache and rooted anxiety. Though I have my friends in the camp, I couldn’t make myself there and thought of leaving and left the camp, with facing many uncomfortable situations, I am very much depressed and gone through very hard junctures, I almost had never left home for two months, have less or no conversations with friends on mobile. As we know suffering is contagious, my family, friends were very sad. And this was the most crucial time of my career my father was very much tense. I had seen their suffering, this in my life had shown me the value of relations, the importance of socialization, most importantly the half-second-flip batch the society which supports you when you were acing and opposes even reproaches you when you are down. They had their role, I have seen myself as a person going through tough situations, with insults, censures. It was like observing me with another me like I was seeing me and we’re remembering the things. It took 5 months for me to be back. I had started being better, going to college with a lot of courage, courage I need 10 times more than the first day of school. Again, it took 2 days to be normal, I have slowly started teaching the programming languages for my students and mates with some pay, and this was the time I have started seeing the world in a new way. I am pretty sure about the job I need and a job I get, there was a boom in my confidence. I had got placed in DBS then. One of my experiences was that the day I was going to college back, had asked the city Bus Conductor for a ticket with the feeble voice he gave the ticket for the next stop when I stressed that the stop was before that, he kept knocking on my shoulder saying you could get down before, here I have missed confidence, lack of it, made him choose my destination and pay, had been going through so many of the insults, unlikely situations, I consider this was the hard phase of life for a better myself, which transformed me from an introvert to an Extrovert. Two valuable lessons I have learned through this journey were, Confidence is the key to life and Socialization is the key to confidence. And the other being each part of life has some weightage of which Relationships weigh 90 and the rest 10 all of those people around you stress and say career.


Total Work Experience : 1.3 Years (DBS)

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