Preity Rashmi

My grandparents loved me so much that they adopted me legally. 

After two generations and a long wait, our family finally had a girl child, me. My grandfather was a teacher and a writer. After retirement, he decided to return to my hometown in Bihar, but his plans for me were different; he was aware that the standard of education in Bihar at the time was poor, and he wanted me to have a good education, so that was where our paths diverged. I moved to Chandigarh with my uncle’s family and continued my education there. For me, Chandigarh was a completely new experience, but I had no idea that this would be the beginning of my journey towards self-realization.

I remember that day in school when we were asked to write a poem, it was a nightmare and I was awake that whole night worrying about the results. But fate has different plans for everyone. That day, not only was my poem good, but it was also better than other students’ work, and my grandparents told me that they had known I was talented all along, and thus began my writing journey. As time passed, I moved to the college, where I continued writing for the college magazine and even wrote personalized messages for my friends. I had traveled to many places, writing down everything I saw and experienced.

But last year everything changed when a friend of mine informed me about a competition organized by Unicorn magazine, I decided to submit an article for the same, with the hope of getting selected. To my surprise, the article got published, and along with that I was awarded the blogger of the month. From there onwards I never looked back, I began publishing my collection of writings and I started to get recognition for them.

I have come so far from believing that I am incapable of writing a poem to have my article published in a magazine. I know this is not a heroic story, but I believe it is the story of my courage and perseverance. This is the transformation journey of an ordinary girl who never believed in her skills into the writer who is acknowledged by many. And this is the beginning of a new journey in which I have given voice to my words, and now it is my bow to give voice to the words of someone who always had faith in me; grandfather, you are not here, but I, your daughter, will ensure that your words outlive me.

Total Work Experience : 5.8 Years (Xoriant PVT. LTD.)

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