Kishore Gupta

I remember the first class that I had in my college and they asked us to write just two lines of code and when I did that I got 8 error message. Bam! That was the first time when I lost all my confidence, I was extremely demotivated. Working for an IT industry was not something on my wishlist, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do in my life so I just went with the flow. The love for this industry and this work started to grow when I was in my training period. I got to learn so many different technologies and I realised that maybe coding is not that bad. When I was first mapped to a project in Hyderabad I was astonished to meet the people out there, I am a small town boy, not fluent in conversations like big town people. But here in this industry I was not treated differently, I made so many friends out here who always motivated me to learn new technologies or get ahead in career. I am also a big time family man. My father’s health is extremely unstable and being an elder son it was my responsibility to look after my family. So I got transfer from Hyderabad to Bhubaneswar because this city is close to my hometown so I can visit my family every alternate weekend. I know that leaving a big city and coming to a smaller one might affect my career in a big way but I have always believed in one thing. I will be satisfied with less income untill and unless I have my family by my side. Because family is the one thing that always makes me happy.

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