Pritha Guha

I was out on the beach at night with some friends. I had been going through a lot and that trip was just what I needed. It was a chilly night with the full moon. We were having a gala time when a friend of mine showed me a dog.
I used to be scared of dogs… They frightened me!!! Growing up, I had different kinds of pets – from cats and parrots to rabbits and a turtle and even a monkey at one point. I don’t why I never had a soft corner for dogs.I don’t know why but it was one trip that changed everything.
That dog was shivering in the cold, half-buried in the sand in an attempt to make himself warmer. That moment all the fear and phobia I had for dogs vanished. It was probably the “pet” mom inside me that got triggered and I started looking frantically for something to make him feel warm. I called up the hotel manager to check if he would allow him in. He obviously denied it. Somehow, I ended up forming a little shelter over him with some coconut tree leaves, some rags shoes, and whatever else I could find. I can say that day the beach trashes served some purpose. My friends dragged me back to the hotel, I wasn’t doing well emotionally and this added up. I consoled myself thinking that at least he would be protected from the dew. Though I was well aware of the fact that lives of strays are miserable beyond measure but it hadn’t hit me until that very night. The next morning, I found the dog in the same place, wagging his tail so happily, barking, and probably saying ‘Thank you’ in his own way. I patted him. I felt a sense of satisfaction like I hadn’t felt in some time. The innocence, the love, and the affection I received from him touched me to the core. I realized I had to work for them. Since then, I have been actively working with like-minded people and NGOs, feeding the strays, both dogs and cats, rescuing them, getting them vaccinated, sterilized, treating them whenever required, and obviously in return receiving the best of love and warmth that only these strays can provide.

Lockdown made things difficult, with people earning less, losing their jobs. We are getting fewer funds than before but there are more dogs and cats to feed as all the office areas are closed. They survive on the leftovers. The workplaces being closed, in a way has resulted in the scarcity of food for them. But we aren’t giving up, not until all the strays on the streets are adopted or we are exhausted of the last penny, the last bit of energy, and the last bit of ourselves. I want to request everyone – adopt strays.

Total Work Experience : 7 Years (Cognizant, Turbot)

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