Shraddha Parekh

“Your daughter has 6 months to live!!” were the exact words that the doctors told my parents. I was just 8 years old then. Needless to say, our lives turned upside down. But, I strongly believe that there is always a purpose that gives meaning to our lives. That is probably why those 6 months did not mark the end of my story.

As I said, it all started when I was 8. Constant fevers and rashes over my skin made the doctors assume it to be tuberculosis. I was even given medicines, but they all went in vain. After many diagnoses, it was confirmed that I was suffering from a life-threatening autoimmune disease known as LUPUS. LUPUS is a health problem in which our own immune system starts attacking our healthy body cells causing swelling, pain, and tissue damage. After this, my parents left no stone unturned and consulted the best of doctors in Mumbai to cure my disease. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any doctor out there who knew how to treat LUPUS. With every other hospital telling us that I couldn’t get cured, we were losing our stance. With time, the number of complications increased and I was administered steroids. These steroids were so strong that the swelling increased rapidly, especially on my face! I even stopped looking into the mirror as I couldn’t even recognize myself anymore. I eventually started hating myself and that was my lowest point. but the love and support of my family kept me up.

In my fight with LUPUS, I have undergone chemotherapy, 2 kidney biopsies, 2 leg operations, and even a paralysis attack. I remember people mocking and judging me for my looks all the time. During school, I’ve even had my teacher telling me that I should take an iron hand rather than a plastered one that regularly bleeds. They even commented on my weight and the scars that I had acquired in this journey. While the world around me only tried to break my courage, they didn’t know that it only made me love myself more. My confidence and soul were unbreakable. I came out strong and fought for myself each day. Soon enough, in 2008, the doctors declared that I was cured and labeled me as ‘the miracle child’. I think it was the passion to live and love that kept me going no matter how painful things got. Of course, my faith in the creator and unconditional support of my family & friends pushed me through!

In 2011, I lost my biggest pillar of strength -my mother and in 2018 my Father. That time my sister became my support system and stood by my side in all my highs and lows.Yet, these events only made me stronger. I have worked really hard to accept myself for who I am. Currently, I’m proud to say that I’m not only an HR professional with 13 years of experience but also have my own numerology and tarot reading consultancy. I have also started my YouTube channel on the LUPUS Awareness program where I share spirituality, positivity, and my self-love approach to living my best life.
Today, if I am sharing my story with all of you, I just want to say, “Life is too short to judge someone, so stop judging. You never know which chapter of life that a person is going through or has gone through. Spread love and positivity. As the law of attraction also states, if you spread all of this, it will come back to you in multi-folds. The earth will indeed be a better place to live in. Let’s join hands and build an environment filled with love, compassion, empathy, positivity, and acceptance. You will surely see how beautiful this life becomes.”

Total Work Experience : 13 Years

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