Shreya Deepak

People have always said that one moment can make a huge difference. For me, that moment was when I qualified for the national swimming competition, that too by just 2 seconds! Oh, what an exhilarating match that was! Whenever I think of it, even to date, it gives me those chills and thrills down my spine! And why wouldn’t it be? Swimming is and has been my all-time favorite sport, and winning in it, meant a lot to me.

My interest in sports started from a very early age. I clearly remember that it was when my parents enrolled me in karate classes, during school. Ever since then, alongside Karate, I have been into tennis and swimming. These laid the foundation for my goals as an athlete. Growing up, I have admired many athletes like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt. I have even won a lot of prizes across these and many other sports. Today, as I look back at my medals showcased in my house, I feel a sense of pride in myself. Some of my highlighted wins are when I grabbed the second position at ‘Procam Slam, 2019’, an All-India tennis competition; the third position in Thonnur for swimming, and the second position in the Goa Swimathon. 

As a part of my fitness routine, I used to go running every morning. One fine day, after accompanying me for a run, a friend of mine suggested that I should try my luck at marathons too. This is where my journey as a runner started. Although I began this for fun, it soon became a hobby and, a passion. So, I then started participating and ran in various marathons across India in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, etc., and in almost every event, I achieved a podium finish! One of my most memorable events as an athlete was at the VTU fest, a state-level athletics competition. No one had ever expected me to win the competition but, not only did I finish first, but I also became a record holder for the fastest half marathon as a female runner!  I can say that most of these wins and the peak of my career was in the year 2019.

Throughout my journey as an athlete, there have been many highs and lows. I remember once, I planned to take part in a Stadium Run. I had started my training 6 months prior. But just before that day, I met with an accident and hurt my ankle badly. I was devastated. Around 2018, I had a low streak in swimming and it felt like I had become stagnant. But as they say, Challenges are a part of life, and in the end, it’s all about how we respond to them. I pushed harder, changed my entire training schedule, and bounced back! The experiences are many, but I feel content that I have been able to pick myself up and prepare for the best. To take things sportively and improve has always pushed me away from being demotivated and ensured that I never compare myself with anyone.

Being into sports is more than just a hobby for me. It keeps me alive, full of passion, and brings thrills to my life. I guess this is where my dedication lies and nothing can stop me from continuing it alongside my full-time job. I love my full-time job as a Software Engineer. I am a tech-freak who has always been keen to learn the engineering that goes behind the machines. Working at Bosch gives me the opportunities to get involved with the latest technologies and that helps me be the sincere engineer I am. Everyone appreciates the outcomes of my life, but there’s a lot more than the just commitment that’s required to work for one to achieve their goals. I maintain a strict schedule for myself and make sure that I follow it diligently as I like to maintain the balance between my profession and passion. This journey of mine has made me a better person and I respect it immensely. My mantra is to be better than who I was yesterday; that’s the only way I can see myself as a competitor and grow in life!

Total Work Experience : 2.7 Years (Bosch)

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