Shruti Bindal

Being a woman is not that easy. Be it walking on 5 Inches long heel or Fighting for your dreams!

Since childhood, I was a very bold and fierce girl, I was never afraid of anything, and whenever I found something wrong is happening, in any sense, I would do anything to make it right, and punching someone being one of my ways. My elder sister and I went to the same school. My elder sister was a very genial and diligent person. She never got into any fights or anything of that sort. Once during recess in school, when we met, she was crying. I asked, “What happened Di? Why are you crying? ”. “I had a fight with this guy and he hit me …” she said sobbingly. And before even she could complete her story or go complaint about it to her class teacher, I went to her class and hit the guy who troubled her. For this, my parents were called to the school, and towards the end her class teacher said “Mam don’t worry about her, Shruti is there to save her.”

My sister has always been protective and soft natured, she took care for me and our brother, like our mom did, only that on the other hand we were always there to trouble her. I guess both aspects of the Personality traits are useful in life, be it handling things with patience and calmness or with some actions as well!

Now coming to the women, the reason of our existence, and the one without whom we could not have been what we are, My Friend, My Motivator; My Mom.

“My father has been transferred to various locations across India and giving to this, the responsibilities of, managing household chores to taking care of three children, was on my mom, and she gave nothing but the best to us. It was not very common for woman to drive, but in early 2000s, my mom droved Kinetic Honda scooty, that too wearing a Saree.” From taking care of all our necessities while also taking care of home, she is no less than a Superwoman for us.

In our society, the woman who don’t do jobs are considered as non-working individuals and is often said – “What work do they have at home?”, but according to me managing a full house and taking care of your family is not less than any other job and should be recognized with the same value as of a working woman in our society. For me, My Mother has been my inspiration and I really feel, that selfless love and sacrifices a mother makes for her children is greater than anything in this world! More power to all the mothers, to all the woman in this world, the presence of whom makes this universe a better place to live every day!!

Total Work Experience : 2.4 Years (Infosys)

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