Chinmayee Chinhara

I was always fascinated by the job at IT company. When I got my first offer letter. I couldn’t even explain how happy I was at that day. But slowly and gradually things started changing. When I interviewed for my job, I was asked for a role of a QA Analyst but when I saw my designation at the company. It was of a BPO consultant. I was shocked, not only with the thought that my designation will be getting affected but also by the thought that I will be receiving my salary almost 80% less than what I was supposed to get. I needed this job so I continued working on it. With increasing price of each and everything in the market, it was very difficult to survive with such low wage so I decided to switch. I got this big MNC at my hometown itself. But since now I have a working experience of a BPO, no company would hire me as a QA Analyst. In this new company. I started leading a team, received a lot of appreciation from the client. Recently even my project was mapped to a better one and I am doing fairly great here. But I do have this bad feeling that revolves around me all the time. All this time I am working as a QA Analyst. Working as hard as them, trying to lead a team and do something that can really benefit the company but still my salary and my designation is something to which no one can be that proud of.

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