Shubham Kumar Singh

Since my childhood, I had never cared about a social life. From where I come from, the finishing line of the career was either being an engineer or a doctor. Thinking about anything else was only an unnecessary distraction. In my college, I was well-known as the go-to-guy for all kinds of doubts… I was a topper… I had even got campus placement and started working before the college had ended.

Two years had passed in job until my elder sister insisted me to join her in a trip to Spiti valley. I was not a person who would indulge in parties or trips. When my sister suggested, I was skeptical. “Do I have enough leaves for this?” – I was doubtful. But she assured that she had planned everything. I just had to be with her and spend my birthday while traveling. It was fun for her, but not for me till then! Who knew it would be a life changer?!

After exploring Kaza, spending nights at Chandratal lake and doing meditation at Key Monastery, transformed my whole perception towards achieving career goals. I was on the peak of my realization on the highest post-office of India.

My vision opened and I started to enhance my other hobbies. I started playing chess, games, making memes, and did a lot of other things. Even though the pandemic hit the traveling industry, I didn’t stop. I have been travelling to many places till now – Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Himanchal Pradesh, Western Ghats, Nepal etc. Meanwhile, I got promoted back-to-back too.

So I learnt… with a full time job of my choice, I went outside my comfort zone and understood – it is necessary to expand our mono-chromatic vision towards life. In the end, we will find ourselves standing out happily for what we do.

Total Work Experience : 4 Years (Hashedin by Deloitte)

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